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The works of Andrew Livingston and George Morris

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The Clown's Progress

Click on each image for the full picture and further information.

These 8 paintings along with 7 paintings by artist David Wright are part of an exhibition entitled The Clown’s Progress to be held at ArtsMill Gallery in Hebden Bridge between 17 May and 18 June 2006.

4 by 4.

4 x 4

Hi I'm Tracy.

Embedded - Hi, I'm Tracy

Our God's better than your God.

Our God's Better Than Your God

Darkside diner.

The Darkside Diner (after Hogarth)

The Man Who Knew too much.

The Man Who Knew Too Much

The rewards of cruelty.

The Rewards of Cruelty

The Road to Bagdad.

The Road to Bagdad – Thanks for the memories
(after Coppola)

You are here.

You Are Here

The works of Andrew Livingston and George Morris
27 April 2006